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One Book at a Time

Welcome to our family owned and operated small business!

From a family of readers and book lovers, Dragadorn, LLC was born. After moving to the St. Louis area we realized the amount of beautiful items that end up at thrift stores, estate sales, and even the trash! This spurred a movement in our own lives to start decorating, dining with, and displaying previously loved items. Whether an elegant fine China dinnerware set, a unique collectible book-selection, or well crafted solid wood furniture; there is something special about giving a once tossed item a new purpose.

In a research study by the National Wildlife Federation an estimated average of over 320 MILLION books are sent to the landfill annually! So we thought, one dragon’s trash is another dragon’s treasure.

Through Dragadorn we want to bring you a beautiful curation of previously loved books that range from the everyday novel to elegant collectors editions. Every book is hand selected by a member of our family and all selections are texts that we we would (and maybe already) have in our own homes!

The name Dragadorn comes from a combination of a two things; dragons and our family name. Dragons have always been a family favorite as they symbolize wisdom, independence, and strength; but also have the soft side of loving shiny and wonderful things. To adorn is to enliven or decorate as by ornaments or objects and we can all use a little shining up! Thus the name Dragadorn was born.

So whether this is your first time visiting our site or your hundredth, thank you. Thank you for supporting our family owned small business and thank you for the small step you are taking towards reducing waste and reusing the beauty already on this planet.


The Dragadorn Family



A lifelong lover of books, Sam isn’t comfortable without being surrounded with books. A short term assignment in DC for a second Master’s Degree, a used bookstore going out of business, and a few hundred books from an estate sale could have been a recipe for an episode of Hoarders. Instead, it was the beginning of Dragadorn!

Founder & Director of Shipping Logistics


After meeting and getting married in Seoul, Korea, 25 years together, 4 kids and 6 moves later it’s time to share their love of vintage and all things books with the world. Young ensures all books make it safely from our inventory to your doorstep. She also makes some amazing Korean food!

Business Manager


Lover of all things numbers, logistics, and pink notebooks! Hannah maintains and runs the business backend of all things Dragadorn.

Social Media Manager


Graphics Designer & Warehouse Assistant


Social Media Assistant & Marketing Research